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Creativity Exchange X Community Experiment
in Sham Shui Po


Hong Kong International Artists Workshop 2008: 4X4 is a relay in two senses: on the one hand, two consecutive artist
“jamming” workshops will be held back to back; on the other hand, the project is about sharing of knowledge, across sectors and generations.

Taking Sham Shui Po as the centre stage, 4X4 is conducted in two process-oriented workshop sessions over two months from March to May. In each four-week session, four international artists and four local ones of diverse background will engage each other and the community in creative exploration. In the last week of the both residencies, the public will see the process, research and work-in-progress that come out of the programme, and have a causal chat with the artists.

Kowloon Technical School, as the base of the workshop series, provides the immediate interface with the students through lectures and students’ workshops. Under a mentorship scheme, the students will assist the artists in their creation and guide the artists to the neighbourhood. The artists are encouraged to interact with the residents and to respond to the local knowledge, with the mediation of the organizer. 4X4 is hopefully a platform for learning and teaching to all the parties involved, and for nurturing the synergy of resources.

Hong Kong International Artists?Workshop 2008: 4X4 continues the spirit of Re:Wanchai, AiR’s pilot programme in 2005, as both a cultural exchange project as well as an experiment in community development. The Workshop is part of a worldwide network of workshops developed by Triangle Arts Trust.



Residency period
March workshop: 17 March - 18 April 2008 April workshop: 21 April - 23 May 2008
International: Shahram Entekhabi
(Berlin, Germany)
International: Eve Armstrong
(Auckland, New Zealand)
  Abhinandita Mathur
(Delhi & Bombay, India)
  Michelle Brand
(Manchester, UK)、
  Bundith Phunsombatlert
(Bangkok, Thailand)
  Sandra Nakamura
(Lima, Peru)
  Michael Townsend
(New York, USA)

Alwin Reamillo
Western Australia)

Hong Kong: Cheng Yee-man +
Clara Cheung, Law Man-lok
Angela Su, Tse Pak-chai
Hong Kong: Chan Yuk-keung, Paul Chu,
Sara Tse, Adrian Wong


Public Events
Artists’ Talk
As a beginning of the exchange programme, artists of the respective residence period will take part in the Artists’ Talk to give a brief presentation on their philosophy and creative approaches, with illustration of some of their past works. The talks provides important backgrounds for participating artists to interact and communicate in the forthcoming weeks, as well as a chance for public to meet artists from different countries and to know more about their diversity of creative approaches. The talk series was hosted by Asian Art Archive, and co-presented with the two venue organizers.
March workshop: 28 March (Sat), 2-6pm McAulay Studio, Hong Kong Arts Centre
April workshop: 3 May (Sat), 2-6pm Osage Gallery
Residency Presentation
In the last week of the both residencies, the public saw the process, research and work-in-progress that came out of the programme.Participating artists will share their works and experience, had a causal chat with the public.
March workshop: 15-18 April (Tue-Fri), 6-8pm Kowloon Technical School
April workshop: 20-23 May (Tue-Fri), 6-8pm Kowloon Technical School
Education Programmes
Student Ambassadors: Under the arrangement of Kowloon Technical School, the artists become the mentors to students from Form 1 to Form 3. These students also act as guides to the local neighbourhood. By providing the opportunity to learn hands-on
with contemporary artists, the scheme is an alternative to the conventional classroom art lesson.
Meet the Artists: The participating artists will talk about their work, creative methods and project-in-progress in classroom and inthe studio in school.
Residency Presentation (school section): In the two wrap-up presentation week, a special section (4-6pm) will be open to the schools city-wide. Alongside with the artists?recap of the result of the residency programme, the Student Ambassadors will also share what they have learnt in the process.


Participating Artists

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